for a complete FAI ratified recording system, including all cables, SD card, Engine Noise Detection and GPS antenna.

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microRecorder SD
The microRecorder system comes complete with all cables, instructions, calibration certificate, SD card and GPS antenna.

The microRecorder is a very popular product due to its low cost, small size, and the portability made possible by its built-in battery, which gives up to 100 hours of battery life. It is perfect for use in both a soaring club and for individuals, to record badge claims, flights for submission to the OLC (Online Contest), or for use in a soaring contest. It comes standard with Engine noise detection and a SD card slot.

The microRecorder is ideal for driving PDAs. It provides full NMEA GPS data including a pressure sentence, at a variety of update rates. It has a highly efficient voltage adaptor and when connected to a 12 volt supply will provide 5 volts to power your PDA. At the same time the internal battery will charge.

When powered externally the microRecorder will switch on automatically, but if the glider battery fails, the internal battery will enable the unit to carry on recording. At the end of your flight, after external power is removed, the microRecorder will detect that the glider is not moving, and switch off automatically.

Charging is via the USB cable or using the optional mains charger.

SD card
The microRecorder SD will leave an extra copy of the flight files on an SD flash card, which can then be removed and transferred to a computer etc.
The microrecorder SD can read pilot, glider, setup and task data from the SD card at power-up and can also write one or all flight logs to the SD card at power-down. That makes it possible to save the "EWUSER.TXT" configuration file onto an SD card at home and use it in a club owned or rental microRecorder at the airfield. The EWUSER.TXT file includes setup data such as recording interval and task declaration data such as pilot name, glider ID, and task waypoints.

* In a club environment it will be possible for club members to bring their personal SD card to the airport for use with the club's microRecorder. They can come to the airfield with their pilot, glider and task data already on the SD card and they can go home with their day's flight log on their SD card - all without the use of a PC.
The microRecordere can be permanently mounted in the glider for extra security.
* Contest pilots will like the ability to download their most recent flight log to the SD card without the need for a PC. They can then hand the contest scorer the SD card rather than their precious flight recorder.

Included :

* microRecorder GPS Flight Recorder
* External GPS Antenna with removeable magnest in base and 1.5m long cable, (other lengths available)
* USB power/data cable
* RJ45 Connector with bare leads for external power in, 5 volts out for a PDA, NMEA out, Pilot event and other connections,
* Quick-start manual
* Calibration sheet

* A SD flash card
*Engine Noise detection.


* Pressure sensor to comply with FAI ratification
* USB file transfer, no software required
* Stores up to 300 hours of flight data
* Rechargeable battery life, up to 200 hours
* Can be powered from external supply
* NMEA output for moving maps etc.
* Recharges over USB or mains adapter
* External antenna for maximum reception
* Serial communication with PDAs for declarations.

Dimensions: 4.53 x 3.35 x 0.98 in (115 x 85 x 25mm)
Weight: 9.9 oz (280 g)
Power Input: 9 to 15 VDC, 100 mA (more when powering a PDA)
PDA Power Output: 5 V, 2A (2A output is for a limited time only due to thermal cutoff depending on ambient conditions)
GPs: 12 Channel
Max. Altitude: 59,058 feet (18,000 m)
Max. Velocity: 1,152 mph (515 m/s)
Battery Type: NiMH, with level indicator
Battery Life (Approx.): up to 200 hours (10 second update), 10 hours (1 second update)
Flight Log Memory 320 hours (10 second recording interval), 128 hours (4 second recording interval), 32 hours (1 second recording interval)
USB 2.0 Data Connection: Compatible with Windows XP, 2000 Mac and Linux
Charging: Chargeable over USB, or with external supply of 9-15VDC with a capacity of 400mA